Hive Coworking: Whitstable

“natural collaborators”

Hive Co-Working

Established at Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre since 2018, Hive is a creative workspace and natural incubator for freelancers, small business owners and home-workers. We are situated in the heart of Whitstable within the town’s community centre, and when you join as a member you become part of our working community. Run by Jo and Caroline, Hive is a fully accessible, welcoming and inclusive space.  Hive is also a Covid secure space; all members work socially distanced from one another, there is a one-way system in operation and member guidelines in place to ensure everyone’s continued safety.

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Membership Benefits

A Hive Membership includes -

  • A variety of flexible packages to suit your usage
  • Business WIFI
  • Teas & coffees
  • A meeting room
  • Printing
  • Space to take private phone calls
  • Outside space
  • Locker storage

We are really lucky to have a brilliant community cafe on site as well; they are currently open to Hive members every day.

Members are welcome to bring along their dog; providing they are happy to chill out in our space.


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Join us on whichever package you think will suit your usage best. Packages can be changed or cancelled with a month's notice so you're not locked in.

  • Occasional is our most popular: this covers two whole or four half days per week. £88 per month
  • Occasional Half covers one whole day or two half days per week. £55 per month
  • Occasional Plus is for three days usage and there is flexibility to split one or two of the days over a longer period. £121 per month

We don't currently have any private workspaces vacant, but if you would like to work from our communal space 5 days a week please chat to us about pricing.

We wish you happy holidays. Hopefully you are all feeling like this is a Summer Breeze or singing HOLIDAY as you fling swimsuits & sunnies into suitcases right now. 
Go forth and enjoy ☀️🌊💛 If you're feeling a bit more Road To Nowhere we will happily take short term bookings for ad hoc and membership packages. 
Those looking to escape houses once tranquil during daytime hours and now suddenly filled with ice cream splodges & sand trails are more than welcome to come and take sanctuary with us over the school holidays.

To book a visit or a free trial please email on <a . . . . #summerholidays #whitstablesummer #whitstablecoworking #coworkingkent #flexidesk #membercoworking #bemoreconnected #bemoreflexible #beinthehive">
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Pack up your office from your kitchen table, stick it in a bag and leave the dishes behind ... With paperwork becoming digital & photos of loved ones on our phones we don't need to set up permanent office spaces anymore.

Here at Hive we've got the coffee & the office plants sorted. Just bring yourself & your work bag and you're set to go in our co-working space ☕

We've got fast business Wi-Fi, a printer & a fridge for your lunch. There's also lockers if you need to store extra paperwork overnight.

To find out more pop in for a look or email us <a . . . . #bemoreflexible #workbag #moveableoffice #flexidesk #hotdesk #coworkkent #whitstablecoworking #findyourplace #communitycoworking #beinthehive">
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Where do people always hang out at parties? 
The kitchen in Hive serves much the same purpose. When we've all been head down for a couple of hours the sound of the kettle being filled up is often a good excuse to stop for a chat.

We can all keep churning along but know that a quick break every now and again does our brains the world of good. 
Working in a coworking space allows the chance to down tools and have a breather alongside others. Being connected with others is great for work related mental health and allows for natural collaboration.

To chat more with us about member opportunites at Hive, email <a or have a look at our website. . . . . #membercoworking #hivecoworking #kentcoworking #flexibleworking #bemoreconnected #beinthehive">
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Join us in Hive on a weekend & get creative 👇

We have curated a Spring & Summer special season and June 30th is the last but very much not least in our current trio of creative workshops.

Join local artist Anita Small to learn more about wellbeing & creative links with journalling & doodling. 
Our 2 hour session will look at the creative and self-care side of journalling, showing you the basics of a creative journals by  setting self-care goals from mood trackers to fun lists, this is suitable for those who enjoy doodling and drawing but holding a pen is the only skill you really need. There will be cheats, hints and easy tips for all levels of artistic ability. You will enjoy a little bit of me time with lots of cutting, sticking, drawing doodling and colouring in!

An A5 journal provided along with unlimited access to art materials; pens, stickers, washi tape, decorative papers - everything you need to make your journal your own!

Refreshments, including hot & cold drinks are also included.

Tickets are £25 and available online via the link in our bio or via email <a . . . . #getcreative #creativesessions #hivesessions #creativeworkshop #doodleworkshop #whitstableworkshop #metime #worklifebalance #wellbeing #bemoreconnected #beinthehive">
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Apologies for another beach photo but it turns out you can pop in and out of the office and swim in the sea all year round and still (just about!) run a business or two 🙌 😊

Its not something many coworking spaces can boast about, but we can offer the beach & sea dipping potentials just around the corner. Perfect for shaking off laptop blues 🌊

Contact us on <a for more details or look into our packages on our website . . . . #seasidecoworking #sorrynotsorry #lunchbreakswim #hightidelove #westbeach #lovethesea #divein #flexidesk #adhoccoworking #whitstablecoworking #bemoreflexible #beinthehive">
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All aboard the membership ⛵

Our lovely coworking space Hive has been steadily getting busier during the past 6 months. 
Whilst this is great news, we aren't a huge ship and because community, connections and collaboration are so important to us we have taken the decision to limit the number of ad hoc memberships we take on currently.

We have space for a few more occasional or dedicated packages and currently welcome new potential members who want to work in our space 2-5 days a week.

Our occasional package covers 2 days or 4 half days a week and is just £7.50 per day session. With Wi-Fi, kitchen space, free hot drinks, locker storage and a small meeting space included we think it's fantastic value 🙌

Email us on <a or pop your head in to find out more or have a complimentary try out. . . . . #coworkingwhitstable #coworkingkent #membershippackage #flexidesk #businesscommunity #whitstablefreelancers #bemoreconnected #beinthehive">
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