Opening Hive

Our desire has never been to open an office. You may well think then, what are we doing opening an office?

The idea of a coworking space is still a fairly new one. Whilst they are a common sight in the big cities, diversifying to the point that there are spaces just for tech, just for the government and civic sector and even one where you can swap sewing machines, it is ironic that they are lesser known in towns like Whitstable where there are freelancers, small business owners and creatives heading out in droves away from the big smoke.

With its independent feel, people always think of Whitstable as a butchers, baker, candlestick maker sort of a place. In fact it is more than that, it is also a film set designer, copywriter, candle maker, yoga teacher, business guru, and social media whizz sort of a place. There are so many interesting, varied and distinct careers in Whitstable that you can bump into any of the above, in a single cafe or shop.

From our experience, there are also a lot of people working around piles of washing, kids’ homework books and various domestic tasks at home. There are also people working like nomads around cafes and bars around towns. There are people working, or trying to work all over Whitstable. Just not in very suitable locations for productive work.

Hive Coworking is in essence just a space.  A space, that at its most basic, is well lit, comfortable and full of accessories one wants from an office. That being decent business Wifi, printing, lockable storage and most importantly, a comfy chair. Now add on a person arriving with their head full of ideas and a laptop, I Pad or pen and paper and you have a workable space. Add a few more of those people and you have a coworking space. Our job is just to facilitate this and make sure you can continue being comfortable and able to work.

As we also share the above experiences of trooping around cafes and working in a squeezed corner of a kitchen table, we will also be working from the coworking space. Meeting members who choose to join our space is an essential part of how we believe Hive Coworking should work. We are thus encouraging members to also meet each other when appropriate.  Hopefully leading to idea sharing and collaboration between some of our members in the future.

We see ourselves as facilitators and members ourselves. Not office owners. Join as a member and find your place in our coworking community.

All important information and pricing are available on our website but please feel free to contact us on to ask any questions or arrange a meeting to view the space.